February 21, 2015

Endless Snow Days.

So Cleveland is a tundra.

Cleveland and the frozen Lake Erie from above - picture via my friend Jessica who flew in for Brite this weekend.

4We've had days of below zero temperatures, it's currently blizzarding out there, and we've only had one day of school in the last week and a half.  Yeah.

Elsa coronation hair. Bc its too cold to go anywhere and we are BORED. #rockitlikearedhead #snowday #stevensonpartyoffive
Elsa coronation hair.  Because it was too cold to go outside and we got BORED.
Luckily that one day happened to be the day that the dude presented his first ever homework assignment:

The Letter R.  Painted Red and decorated with Race cars, Reptiles, and Rubies.

He got to pick something to go in the mystery box, write three clues about it, and then present them to his class to guess.  See if you can figure it out*:

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I'm trying to have a good attitude about all of this Winter.  Because I'm pretty sure if I complain myself from last year will reach through time and smack me.  As bad as it gets it can never be as bad as last year - when I had 3 kids under 5 and we couldn't leave the house for something like 12 days.  I don't have to worry about a tiny baby getting frostbite!  One of the kids can get herself ready completely on her own!  Really things aren't that bad.

So we've taken every opportunity we can to get out.  Make the most of it.

Early release day = a trip to the Great Lakes Science Center. #stevensonpartyoffive #thisiscle #cleveland #glsc
Kids at the Great Lakes Science Center.

Matt chasing the boys through the art museum while our girl was at her class.

Looking for Ninja Turtle Weapons at the armory at the CMA.
We even braved the snow (seriously it took us SO LONG to get there) and drove to western Pennsylvania last weekend.  Where it may not have been warmer but at least it was different.  And we got to show off the very impressive trick of boiling water turning instantly into steam.

Also?  I own a basement sized bounce house:

bounce house It was our Christmas gift to the kids.  Purchased with weeks like this one in mind.  But I have to say... as well as we've done this week I'm not sure how much more we can cheerily handle.  Let's hope everything returns to normal for next week....

*The answer was:  Road Runner.  BEEP BEEP!

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