February 18, 2015

Florida 2015 Recap.

So!  Last weekend we took a quick trip to Florida to visit my grandparents and escape this miserable, horrible, awful, cold.  And gray.  Last year was the whole Disney Family Road Trip thing so this was my first time flying with THREE KIDS OMG:

Florida 2015
Don't worry, mom.  We got this.
They did great but I will be forever thankful that Cleveland has a direct flight to Tampa.

Florida 2015
My kids at the airport.  They walked to the gates themselves (as opposed to in strollers which is surprisingly common for surprisingly large children) and carried their own backpacks with their blankies, stuff to do on the plane, and sweatshirts.  I was super proud of them!
It was a pretty relaxed trip.  When it was too cold for the pool we went to the park:

There's a great park right down the street from my grandparents' place that has a lake and a boardwalk through the swamp.  Perfect for searching for alligators.  It's too cold for them this time of year - but don't tell my 3yo that.

When it was warm enough in the afternoons we went to the condo pool:

florida pool
Love the puddle jumpers.
And as our big adventure we had lunch in Tarpon Springs.

Florida 2015
But mainly?  The trip was about this:

Florida 2015
Playing UNO with the champ.
And this:

Noone gives one on one attention like Nonni does.  She even listens to the Dude ramble on, and on, and on, and on, and on...
And most importantly .... this:

My girl learning how to knit the same way I did. Nonni is the best. #knit #knitting #knittersofinstagram
Learning to knit the same way I did.
It was a nice trip but we were happy to come home.

Home sweet Cleveland. #thisiscle #cleveland #216 #clevelandgram #superman
Superman display at the Cleveland Airport.  According to the dude "I like other cities but Cleveland is my favorite."
And our dog was happy to see us, too:

Florida 2015
Maybe.  The kids were certainly happy to see her, though!
Yay Florida and warm adventures!
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