February 2, 2015


So!  We're in the middle of a blizzard.  There's about 18 inches on the ground currently and it's still falling.  Hard.  Basically white out conditions out there. I wanted the kids to go play outside but at first the only taker was the dude.  So I covered him in handknits and sent him out to help shoveling:

Covered in hand knits ready to help daddy shovel. #stevensonpartyoffive #tomten #knit #knitting #knittersofinstagram
Of course his brother then wanted in on the action.  Tiny does not like being left out:

Tiny in handknits
More handknits!  This time a Drive-Thru that I knit for his sister way back in the day.
And then their sister was quick to follow:

Sadly no handknits here.  Just the ubiquitous Elsa hat worn by every little girl between 3 and 7.

We had all sorts of fun... sledding!  Snow angels! Surfing!

Snow fun
And then figured .... well.... they are already in their gear.... let's throw them in the car and go for real sledding!


We went to Edgewater since it's really the best hill that I know of around here.  There must be some in the metroparks but I"m not sure where.... anyone know?  Plus there is an awesome view of the city from the sledding hill:

Wait.  It's supposed to be there.  Hmmmmm....
At first I wanted to take a test run by myself... make sure I knew how to control the sled before taking a kid down with me.  I figured they would wait for a second.  Then this happened:

Matt is a good dad.  With a pile of kids.

Then we did a whole bunch of this:

The boy sled.
The Girl Sled.  With an impatient Tiny who did not want to wait around for pictures.  GO GO GOOOOO.
There we go.

The boys were over it before my girl.  So she took a few solo runs all by herself at the end:

Sledding She was SO PROUD.

Yay for winter funtimes!  And spontaneous sledding adventures!

The hill.  Yes that would be Tiny - a 19 month old - walking up the sledding hill by himself.  That kid is fiercely independent and refuses to be treated any differently than his siblings.  Even though he's ... Tiny.

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