April 20, 2015

A Frozen Birthday Party.

So.  Of course my daughter had a Frozen themed birthday party.  Of course she did:

Frozen Birthday Party
Let me rewind.  It's birthday season at the Life in Cleveland household - 4 out of the 5 of us celebrated birthdays in the last couple of weeks.  CRAZYTOWN!  And both of the big kids are old enough to have actual friends that they want to invite to actual parties.  But with that much birthday in that short of a time I was uninterested in going overboard.  A frozen theme?  Sure.  But let's keep it simple, shall we?

Frozen Birthday Party
Pictured:  Simple.
Because it's super easy to fall down the pintrest rabbit hole and think that somehow you are a terrible parent if you haven't taken out the glue gun or found the perfect printable.  BAH.  But!  Even without the obsessive crafting I think we nailed the whole Frozen spirit.

The cake was probably the coolest part of the party.  My mom has one of those barbie cake molds from the '80's.  You know the one with the creepy half doll on a spike?  She used that - and my daughter's barbie dolls - to make this happen:

Frozen Birthday Party
Because when you can't decide between Elsa and Anna why not go for both!  Plus the cake basically looks like the picture of the sisters back to back that's on ALL OF THE THINGS:
Elsa and Anna Cake
She wrapped the dolls in saran wrap before putting them in the cake to keep frosting out of their joints.   Afterwards I just used dishsoap to wash them off.  No problem.  Although as the frosting warmed up and melted Anna started to have a.... wardrobe malfunction.

Frozen Birthday Party
Anna's going to end up on TMZ if she's not careful.
The food was easy.  We used a tiered serving platter thing that we already had which made the whole affair SUPER FANCY.  Then we rubberbanded our daughter's other Elsa doll to the top.

frozen party food
We had baby carrots (Olaf noses), blue jello jigglers (ice cubes), and pretzels dipped in blue chocolate leftover from the treat bags.  EASY.

Oh yeah the treats were Frozen Hearts.  We had the heart mold from Valentine's Day and used blue and white chocolate.  They turned out really cute!

Frozen favors
They were also the only thing in the bags.
I poured some blue Gatorade into my trifle bowl and voila.  Fancy Frozen Drink:

Frozen Birthday Party
Also twisty straws b/c FANCY.
The rest was basically just crepe paper and balloons.  Oh and some gingham napkins I still had from the Target Napkins Tote Bags.

Frozen Birthday Party

And snowflakes that were still up from Christmas.  The girl and I cut them all out over the holidays and I told her we could leave them up until her birthday:

Cold day off from school meant my girl and I could finish our paper snowflake curtain.   #snowflake #crafty
During the party we played Pin the Nose on Olaf - Matt sketched Olaf onto poster board and the Girl cut out noses.  And "Snowball Toss" a game Matt devised using mixing bowls some bean bag snowballs that the boys got for Christmas.  We also did a Frozen Freeze dance and let the girls go nuts until the music stopped.  That was a huge hit.  Because who doesn't want to listen to "Let it Go" over and over and over again?

So yeah.  It might not have been insane with the branding or the printables or the pintrest.  But I think we pulled off a pretty spectacular Frozen birthday!  I know our girl was happy:

Frozen Birthday Party
And as a bonus here's a picture of my FAVORITE BIRTHDAY EVER.  I grew up in a double and for whatever reason the other half was empty one year around my birthday.  So my mom had the party there in the empty house.  It was AWESOME.  Pizza picnic on the floor and room to run around and chase balloons?  Perfect.

Yes.  My brother is wearing a bunny suit.  I don't know either.

Next party to blog about?  The Dude's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 4th.  COWABUNGA.

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