April 21, 2015

Channelling Chef Lorenzo

So.  You guys.  I'M GOING TO BE ON TV.  Yes.  For real.  I was contacted to see if I wanted to be on the recipe segment of Fox 8 Cleveland's morning show. UM HOW ABOUT YES.  So I will be cooking a delicious and Sassy Chicken Salad and chatting with them about ... well... Life in Cleveland.

conversation topics
Conversation topics I'm sure I will cover - my kids, Cleveland, and Destination Yarn.  Because there's only so long I can go without talking about yarn and the segment's 5 minutes so....
And!  As exciting as this is let me just take it up a notch with some backstory.  This is Chef Lorenzo, my great-grandfather:


He was a celebrity chef in the 50's.  Before celebrity chefs were a thing.  He hosted a cooking show that had quite a following in the greater Cleveland area.

Flipping through my celebrity chef great grandfather's recipe book to get ready for my TV appearance tomorrow. I hope I do him proud! #cheflorenzo
His recipes have tv show air dates on them.  AWESOME.
 A poster from one of his events hangs in my kitchen:

I hope I do him proud tomorrow! 

(and also that i don't make a fool out of myself because SERIOUSLY)

The live (gulp) segment will be on Fox 8 tomorrow morning at around 8:30.  Set your dvr's!  And if you're not local I will post the clip after it airs.
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