April 22, 2015

Fox 8 Cleveland and Sassy Chicken Salad.

So.  I was on Fox 8 Cleveland this morning!  I made Sassy Chicken Salad and tried not to make  a fool out of myself.  Here's the clip:

The whole experience was super fun.  And pretty surreal.  Everyone there was very, very nice:

Cooking on Fox 8 News!
Me and Kristi Capel from her instagram page.  I love that our outfits coordinated.  Yay set design!
From the producer to the hosts to the nice lady who set up my mic they made me feel right at home an totally at ease.  Which was good because I was NERVOUS.

Cooking on Fox 8 News!
Backstage where I set up my cooking segment and also TRIED NOT TO FREAK OUT.
The set is really cool.  Both bigger and smaller than I imagined.  The cooking area was wheeled in to that empty space on the left:

Cooking on Fox 8 News!

And this is the news desk:

Cooking on Fox 8 News!

The response via facebook so far from family and friends who have watched has been pretty positive.  But when after preschool pickup I asked the Dude - my 4 year old middle child - how I did he said this.  And I quote:

"You looked weird.  I missed you.  ..... How do turtles go to the potty?"

THANKS, BUDDY.  Then he wanted to know why I didn't cook something he likes.  I asked him what I should have made and he said without hesitation "Apple Raspberry Sauce and Peanut Butter Jelly"  So there you have it.  Forget Sassy Chicken Salad.  I should have just shown off my mad pbj skilz.

But!  They seemed to be happy with my performance.  And I don't think that I looked... weird.  Honestly once I got rolling with it it wasn't so much nerve-wrecking as just full on FUN.  I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

Had SO much fun this morning on @fox8news with @kristi_capel !  Thanks for having me!  #cleveland #cle #clevelandgram #lifeincleveland #stevensonpartyoffive

And since someone asked here's a better picture of the shawl I wore in the segment:

Ravellenic Shawl
Fragile Hearts knit out of Destination Yarn Silk Road in "Daiquiri"  Many, many more details about it here.

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Yay for new experiences!

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