April 24, 2015

Stop Motion Fun.

 So!  What a whilrlwind week this was!  I have a bunch of legitimate posts to finish up but it's Friday.  And it's finally warm enough to get back outside. And I may have promised a trip to the park to some kids who want to see how far a stomp rocket can fly....

Enjoying the sunshine despite the wind! #stevensonpartyoffive #thisiscle #cleveland #cle #clevelandgram
we love the park

So how about a quickie post of things that are making me happy right now.

1.)  This video of stop motion silly faces:

Ok a couple of weeks ago Matt downloaded a stop motion app.  And we spent a very lazy Sat. morning with the kids playing with it.  I have a bunch of videos of family nonsense but this one is by far my favorite.  SO MUCH ADORABLE.  And SILLY FACES.  And I know this is a video that 10 or 20 years from now will make me cry instantly because LOOK HOW LITTLE AND CUTE THEY WERE!!

2.)  This yarn:

The "Q"
 I can't even handle how perfectly it is knitting up.  It's just a plain old sock knit on size 1.5 needles over 60 stitches.  I cast on in the pickup line the other day, ribbed until I was bored, and then am doing a stockinette body.  BOOM:

My game day knitting. #destinationyarn #riseupcle #operationsockdrawer #indiedyer #yarn #knit #knitting #handdyedyarn
The colorway is "the Q" because all of my colorways are places... but I kindof think that I should rename it #allinCLE.  I think this might be our year! 

Happy Weekend, everyone!
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