May 28, 2015


So!  Just as this blog was getting interesting with giveaways and content and whatnot our computer decided it was done with this world.  GAAAAAH.  But!  After much angst and over thinking we have a shiny new one now.  That's super portable and actually works and stuff.  Which means I can sit outside and write while my kids do this:

Seriously all of a sudden it's summer!  Full on.  We even took the kids to the beach the other night because we were sick of parenting:
My happy place.  #lakeerielove #lakeerie #greatlake #latergram #thisiscle #cleveland #knittersofinstagram #instaknit #knitting #destinationyarn #cheerskal
How long will a sandy beach and some buckets amuse 3 kids?  INFINITY.


The dude had his last day of school:

Last day of preschool.  What a fun year it has been! #stevensonpartyoffive
He looks so grown up!
And the girl finishes up tomorrow.  She already had her end-of-the-year music concert and it was insane with adorable:

Getting ready for the Campus International spring production!  My girl is the fish in the front in the sparkly dress. #thisiscle #CLEVELAND #216 #clevelandgram
She's the fish in front in the sparkly dress.

And we've had a few beginning of the summer adventures:

Family hike! #stevensonpartyoffive @clevemetroparks #metroparks
Family Hike at Whipps Ledges.

Ice cream with cousins. Perfect end to a fun day with family.  #stevensonpartyoffive #cousins
Ice cream in Pennsylvania with cousins.

Alpaca!!! #stevensonpartyoffive #greatlakesfibershow

2015-05-28 14.27.12
WOOL FEST!  My mom subbed in for Matt because despite being married to me for the last 10 years he was oddly uninterested in spending an entire day shopping for yarn.  Also he had to work.
With many more big things in the works (more on that coming).

Watching the Cavs game together.  I'm hoping the Big Things this summer involve a CHAMPIONSHIP IN CLEVELAND!
Park playdate/meeting with another mom.  Working playdates are the best.
So yeah.  I"m back.  And I'm ready.  Because it's going to be such a fun summer!!!

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