May 5, 2015

Chevron Baby Blanket.

So check out the chevron baby blanket I knit for my friend's new daughter!

Chevron Baby Blanket

Isn't it pretty! I'm so happy with how it came out.

Chevron Baby Blanket

I knit it in direct violation of my "don't knit for newborns" rule.  See newborns grow SO FLIPPING FAST that I usually give a hand knit as a first birthday gift instead.  A sweater that is worn with the sleeves flipped up on a 1 year old will still fit at 2 and sometimes even for another winter.  But newborns?  Maybe you get a month out of it.  And they'll probably puke on it. Blergh.  HOWEVER this kid got me to break my rule:

So. Much. Adorable.
Because she is a 3rd child.  And 3rd kids don't get hand knits.  No, really.  My daughter could have worn something hand made every day of her infancy.  The dude - my middle child - also had piles of handmade goodness even if it was significantly less than his sister.  Tiny?  Well... I didn't even knit for Tiny.  In my defense I had 2 other kids to look after while redoing our entire basement pregnant so....

IMG_0635 (2)
When my friend found out she was pregnant for the 3rd time I knew that I wanted to make that baby something very special. All her own.

Chevron Baby Blanket
Sidenote:  When Tiny was first born my mom told my dad she was worried that as the little one he would end up with "the shit end of the stick."  And my dad famously said "there's no shit on that stick."  Meaning that in our little family it doesn't matter when you were born because it's going to be good.  Which is exactly how I feel about it.  Tiny may not have as much attention from me, specifically, but he has more attention overall.  Because he has 2 siblings that adore him.

I'm working on a blog post w s part about 3rd kids and scrolled through my phone to find a picture to use. I think this sbout sums it up! #siblings
Also he gets to play with all of his siblings toys.
Anyways!  The chevrons!  I started with this pattern and then decided that I needed to knit it in bulky yarn.  A tiny baby in a bulky knit = ADORABLE.

Chevron Baby Blanket
I used Plymouth Encore Bulky in bright, girly colors and repeated the 3 stripe pattern down the whole blanket:

Chevron Baby Blanket

I also added in a garter stitch edging all around to give it a more finished look:

Chevron Baby Blanket
Mmmmmm.  Edging.
I changed the size of the pattern to make sense with the bulky yarn.  If you want to do the same thing I wrote it all out on my Ravelry project page.  The whole thing took 2 balls of each of the pinks and one of the blue.  It knit up faster than I expected and was really fun to work on.

Yay for 3rd babies and Yay for handknits!
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