May 7, 2015

UncommonGoods and Mother's Day!

So!  Mother's Day is this weekend!   And I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know about an awesome place to find a last-minute mother's day gift:

I just discovered this company - Uncommongoods - and I have to say that they are awesome. They bring together all sorts of interesting and unique gifts in one place for easy shopping.  And a good portion of their items are hand made.  Which as someone who sells handmade products I FULLY support.  A company that gets customers in touch with artists in an easy-to-access way?  YES.  And they have an entire section of Gifts for Mom!

Also?  They have gifts for knitters.  Seriously check out this basket:

Handmade basket for yarn.  YES YES YES.
Or these yarn bowls

I actually haven't had a chance to use a yarn bowl yet. Most of my projects get dragged around the world with me so I use the super fancy ziplock bag instead of anything nice.  I've always wanted one, though. Are they as amazing as I"m picturing them? 

Anyways!  They sent me this beautiful necklace to introduce me to their line of products:

It's hand blown glass and so, so pretty. 

I chose it because in the artist description (the hand made items have artist descriptions!  I love that.  I always like to know the story of who is behind something) it mentioned that she was obsessed with color.  SOUNDS FAMILIAR!
They have a ton of other great products that would be perfect for Mother's Day as well.  They even put together a whole collection of Mother's Day Gifts to help you shop.  Just an FYI, though, today is the last day to order and have your item in time for Sunday.  Have fun shopping!

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the lovely necklace in this post in exchange for this review and post.  As always all opinions are my own.

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