November 10, 2015

Fall Run Cowl.

So check out the pretty cowl that I knit - the Fall Run Cowl:

Fall Run Cowl
I LOVE it.  It's big and drape-y and so very very FALL.

Fall Run Cowl
I've been wearing it constantly since I finished it a couple weeks ago.

Fall Run Cowl
cheesy with a z picture of me in the cowl.  It's tough photographing yourself!
So the backstory... I dyed up a batch of yarn using the same stipple dye / layering technique as my wildly popular "Color Run" colorway with a palette limited to autumn colors:
fall run - souvenir - 05

I snagged a skein for myself directly from the dye pots b/c MINE.  MINE.  ALL MINE.

fall run - souvenir - 04
I knew I wanted to knit a big cowl that I could wear all season... but I wasn't sure that one skein of DK would be enough.  And the rest of that dye lot sold out before I could steal another skein for myself.  So I dug through my pile of yarn that I can't sell for whatever reason (knots or tangles or weirdness with the dye) and came up with this combo:

Then I spent hours on ravelry trying to find the perfect pattern.  I knew I wanted something that showed off each color individually because they are both beautiful on their own:

Fall Run Cowl
I definitely did not want stripes.  After knitting two Chasing Rainbows shawls in a row I'm OVER stripes.  However I'm lazy and didn't want to do any intense colorwork or follow any charts or any of that.  So I wanted to only knit with one color at a time... but NOT have the result be stripes.

Fall Run Cowl
Seems Legit.
I also wanted it to have some texture - like the woods in the fall.

Fall Run Cowl

I wanted it to be big enough to wrap around my neck twice.  But not so crazy big that I couldn't wear it only looped once:

Fall Run Cowl

In the end I came up with my own design.  Because nothing was exactly what I wanted.  I'm so, so, SO happy with the result:

Fall Run Cowl
Yay fall!

Anyways I just put the pattern up on Ravelry and I"m offering it free through this Friday.


(edited to add - to get the pattern for free just click that link and add it to your Ravelry store - when you check out it will ring up as free!)

The yarn to knit this is also available in the Destination Yarn Shop. My cowl is knit out of the Fall Run and Pine Forest colorways although I think just about any combination would look great.  The texture and the not-stripes really works well with variegated yarns:

Fall Run Cowl
Yay for a new cowl and a new pattern!

PS - if any of your are in the Pittsburgh area I will be at the Indie Knit and Spin there this weekend.  Come and say hi!

Fall Run Cowl
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